Bring Up Science regroups two types of media (blog and podcast) which are centered around science. However, I will not be breaking down science for you, there are already plenty of very well written blogs and great podcasts with this unique and precise goal in mind. I will, if you trust me, bring you along a science journey delivered in the form of a personal diary.

The thing is that all of our experiences are connected to science and you would be amazed by its impact on your decision making. This latter aspect accounts for every path that we choose to follow, and therefore is the centerpiece of what we call destiny.

The blog will be a collection of scientifically rigorous entries, explaining the science behind my experiences. The podcast will be more subjective: I will be providing my personal opinions about the experiences brought up in the blog.

So, interested to know the science behind our qualities and flaws, successes and failures, emotions and actions? Be sure to join me on this incredible adventure: let’s bring up science!

Sylvie Blouin

Science communicator

Despite my MSc in human physiology and my BSc in Neuroscience, I am most certainly not your typical scholar. Think about me as a typical girl with an infinite curiosity and an unshakable desire to learn. I never scored the best of my class and I never strived for it either, learning is more than the ability to memorize information and regurgitate it on a piece of paper.

Science is at its most interesting when it is experienced, but we first need to be aware of its role in our lives. Now, that we have established my academic background, you might wonder why I don’t stick to explaining Neuroscience and Physiology. Well my friends, science does not have to be strictly exclusive. I love all fields of science and I decided to open up my mind instead of focusing all of my time and attention to a very specific field.

What do I do
  • Science blogger
  • Literature review
  • Research
  • Fight misinformation
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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